Everitt & Everitt Consulting Surveyors provide the following services.


  • topographic, detail land surveys for architectural design
  • commercial and residential building set outs
  • work as executed surveys
  • identification land surveys for land purchase
  • floor height surveys
  • boundary definition surveys and marking
  • strata and subdivisions
  • community title subdivisions
  • residential and rural subdivisions
  • industrial and commercial subdivisions
  • easement surveys
  • preparation of Draft Section 88B Instruments and subdivision certificate
  • road and drainage setout
  • earthwork surveys & setout
  • lease surveys (in accordance with property council guidelines - GLA or GLAR) and preparation of survey drawings suitable for registration with Department of Lands
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) surveys for large detail surveys
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) plans
  • electronic lodgement of subdivision and easement plans with the Land and Property Information (LPI) Department
  • Jetty surveys for leasing with Department of Lands


  •  preparation for and attendance at pre Development Application meetings with Councils
  •  preparation of Development Application submissions incorporating appropriate speciality assessments
  • preparation of Statement of Environmental Effects to accompany the Development Applications
  • site investigation on the suitability for a particular type of development
  •  provision of development advice for all types of development including residential, commercial, industrial
  • subdivision and layout planning for Torrens Title, Community Title and Strata Title developments
  • co-ordination of specialist consultants, including Environmental, Geotechnical Engineering, Traffic, Ecological, Arborists, Acoustic Engineers and much more
  • organise Bushfire Hazard Assessment Reports to satisfy NSW Rural Fire Service requirements
  • development feasibility studies


  • Preparation of all engineering design for roads, drainage, sewer and water reticulation required for civil work associated with land subdivisions (2 lots to 1000 lots)
  • Submission of Construction
  • Civil construction supervision \


  • Tendering -  obtaining quotes from reputable construction firms and presenting them for your comparison and approval
  • Drawing up contract documents and engaging firms on your behalf
  •   Insisting on compliance and certification by the construction firms
  •   Work-As-Executed or As-Built survey and certification by registered surveyor in accordance with DA conditions and preparation of WAE drawings